The Farm Shop

Your Local Butchers

We pride our Butchers on it’s produce. One of the very few places you can get high quality meat and point to exactly where it was sourced. The best advantage of having your own local butcher? We can tailor your order to exactly how you want it. Whether you like a thicker Chop, a mature piece of beef or something different like Ox Tongue, we’ve got exactly what you need. You won’t get that at supermarkets!

You can't beat Home Made

From our own home-made Salted Caramel Fudge, to our Apple and Pear Juice from our very own Orchard, if we can make it ourselves we will!

In the summer, our Lemonade is a popular thirst quencher and our Steak Pies will keep you warm in the winter!

The quality and taste is second to none. Why not try one of our Scotch Eggs when you next pop by?

Our Animals

We currently have a flock of approximately 100 ewes, grass fed on lovely green pasture on the farm.  The flock provides all of the lamb we sell in the shop. Here’s Sonny our Pedigree Southdown Ram!

We also have 12,000 Free-Range Chickens and our beef comes from Elsage Farm just 2 miles down the road!

At Christmas time, we rear our own Turkeys and Chickens to the highest standards for the best taste!