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Welcome to our online farm shop! Browse our produce from the comfort of your own living room, allowing you quickly and easily to order from the farm! Add the products you’d like to your shopping list. When you’ve finished, make sure you include any special requirements in the notes when you submit your list (if you want an extra thick steak, just let us know!)

We will then email you with a confirmation and final price for you to confirm (our prices are calculated by the kilo, so they vary slightly with every cut!)

We will then process your order from the farm shop so it’s ready for your chosen day!

If you have any questions, drop us a message on the contact page! Want to check if we are local to you? View our maps location here!

163 products found
Approx 500g of Cornish new potatoes
Approx 800g of fresh carrots, with the tops on! (£1.25 per bunch)
One sweetheart cabbage!
One juicy, fresh pineapple!
One romaine lettuce, great for salads!
A pack of fresh green beans (approx 180-200g in each pack)
We're supporting our NHS with the new Groom's BBQ Bundle! We will donate £1 for every Bundle sold to NHS charities. What's included? x2 Peppered steaks (approx 200g) x4 Groom's homemade burgers x4 Groom's sausages 200g of BBQ ready chicken x4 Lamb homemade kebabs 200g of Chinese pork
Homemade Pork Mince
Muller salted butter (250g)
Carron Lodge, unsalted original traditional butter! (250g)
A bunch of fresh spring onions!
Tenderstem Broccoli 200g. Prices vary with exact weight, £10.00 per kg 
One vine of fresh cherry tomatoes! (approx 200g per vine) 
A bag of fresh curly Kale (300g)
Individually sold cucumbers!
Receive a Groom's Fruit Box, a selection 6-8 types of fresh, delicious fruit perfect for healthy snacks and meals! We only select the fruit that is super fresh and looks amazing that day, just for your box!
A selection of 7-8 types of fresh vegetables guaranteed to get your culinary juices flowing!
Stag's Stornaway water biscuits, perfect with cheese! (150g)
Annas Thins! Delicately smooth thin biscuits (150g)

The Farm Shop

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