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Your Christmas Order!

We have now added Christmas Delivery and Collection options to the checkout page. Create your Christmas order just like any normal shop, and choose to delivery or collection at the checkout! Pay a down payment on your Turkey or pay in full, the choice is yours!

The Centre Dish

The focal dish every year is of course, the home reared turkey! We stuff our turkey with sausage meat stuffing and then cook our turkey upside down so that all of the juices run into the white meat! We also wrap our turkey in streaky bacon for an added crisp!

Here’s a tip that we always use – order a slightly bigger turkey than you think you’ll need so you can have leftover turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches for Boxing Day lunch!

The Added extras!

A Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without the famous pigs in blankets and the deliciously sweet honey glazed ham. These are two added extras that all of the family love! Again the honey glazed ham is the best sandwich filler for next days gorge! 

2 Slices of Thick Honey Roast Ham

x6 Pigs in Blankets

The Sides

Now for the finishing touches. The best Christmas dinner always has delicious roast veg, and we always like to add something special to our side dishes. Our personal family favourite are creamy leeks and brussells with added chunks of caramelised bacon! 

Carrots (tops on)

Brussel Sprouts

Red Cabbage

Parsnips 500g

The After Dinner Treats!

If you’ve still got room for any more food, here are our favourite after dinner treats. Be quick before Charles has them all! Our favourite is Ice Cream from Clipstone Dairy!

Clipstone Dairy Ice Cream

Groom’s Christmas Cheese Board

So, What is Going on Your Christmas Table?

Now you know exactly what the Groom’s have on their own Christmas Table! If you want to have a look at everything we offer, click the button below!